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Welcome to Pediatrix Specialty Care of Austin. We are pleased to offer comprehensive pediatric neurology, rheumatology services and sleep medicine services to your community. We provide expert care to infants, children, adolescents and young adults with brain- or nervous system-related conditions, those with rheumatic diseases and various autoimmune disorders and with diagnosing and managing various sleep disorders.

Our board-certified, highly specialized pediatric neurologists and rheumatologists perform advanced diagnostic tests to establish the root cause of the neurologic or rheumatic problem and collaborate with a patient’s family and primary care pediatrician to determine the most viable treatment options.

We're Here for You and Your Family

Learning your child may have a neurologic or rheumatic condition can be a stressful, emotional time — one we do not want you to go through alone. Our team of experienced specialists supports families whose child requires specialized health care. We work closely with each family to provide an accurate diagnosis and build a personalized care plan for their child’s unique needs. Our highly specialized, compassionate team will be with you and your family throughout your journey, offering quality care in a family-friendly environment.

We want you and your child to feel safe and comfortable when visiting our offices. Pediatrix Specialty Care of Austin encompasses several family-centered core values, including:

  • Treating our patients and their families with dignity and respect
  • Caring for them as members of our own family
  • Listening carefully to their health care concerns and answering their questions
  • Communicating clearly and often
  • Spending generous time during outpatient and inpatient visits
  • Genuinely caring about their health and well-being
  • Practicing the latest research-based techniques and treatments
  • Being available when they need us

We look forward to serving your family!

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In-person appointments are not available with all clinicians at every location.


In-person appointments are not available with all clinicians at every location.

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