Newborn Hearing Screen

As one of the leading providers of newborn hearing screens, Pediatrix ensures high-quality service and compassionate care for you and your baby.

One of a baby’s earliest medical experiences will be their newborn hearing screen. As a leading expert in hearing screening with more than 25 years of experience, screening more than 900,000 babies each year in 37 states, you can trust Pediatrix to provide the most compassionate, knowledgeable and high-quality diagnostic screening.

Hospitals and Parents Trust Newborn Hearing Screens by Pediatrix

Newborn Hearing Screen Family Education

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SoundGene Screening Panel

Screening Panel for Most Common Causes of Hearing Loss
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Benefits of Early Screening and Intervention

We are hyper-focused on continuous improvement, ensuring all infants receive quality screening.

Following are some of the many benefits of a newborn hearing screening by Pediatrix:

Early Identification

Infants who receive early intervention may experience dramatic increases in their quality of life.

Quality Metrics

Capture rate and refer rate are two nationally recognized metrics for Newborn Hearing Screen Program quality. Annually, Pediatrix's capture rates exceed national benchmarks by over 95%.

Dedicated Staff

Our dedicated hearing screen staff interacts with parents, audiology providers, primary care physicians and state and community resources to ensure the best care for your newborn. 

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