Newborn Nursery Services

Parents trust our network of experts with their newborn's care during their first few hours and days of life in the hospital. Our neonatal physicians and nurse practitioners provide comprehensive, family-oriented care for healthy term and near-term newborns from delivery through discharge, as well as education and support for parents as families prepare to leave the hospital with their new addition.

Staffed by neonatal physicians and nurse practitioners specially trained in newborn care, the Pediatrix Newborn Nursery Program provides care for well babies during their first few days in the hospital. As an extension of their private practice, this program enables pediatricians and family physicians to ensure their newborn patients receive comprehensive, quality care without requiring time away from the office.

Newborn Nursery Services

Services we provide include:

  • Newborn exam
  • Daily comprehensive care
  • Managing common newborn conditions, such as hypoglycemia, jaundice and excessive weight loss
  • Performance of state-mandated screening tests
  • Administration of vaccines
  • Circumcisions
  • Support and guidance for parents
  • Breastfeeding promotion and support
  • Skin-to-skin contact support

Exceptional Newborn Nursery Care

Our neonatal clinicians provide care for nearly 2,500 babies in the newborn nursery daily. Managing newborn care at more than 265 hospitals in 32 states, they:

  • Provide coverage for private-practice physicians
  • Review prenatal records to identify potential health risks for newborns
  • Provide daily assessments
  • Report care progress to families and family physicians
  • Assess babies before discharge
  • Discharge newborns at the end of their hospital stay

Newborn Nursery Services Program Benefits

Our newborn nursery teams are comprised of pediatricians, nurse practitioners and other health care professionals; all committed to providing the very best pediatric care in the hospital. We value open communication between parents and the baby's private practice pediatrician.

Following are some of the many benefits of newborn nursery services from Pediatrix:

Seamless Coverage

We provide around-the-clock coverage of the neonatal unit and the well newborn nursery.

Collaboration Among Care Providers

If your baby is referred to Pediatrix by a specific physician group, our physicians will send a report of their hospital stay to the follow-up physician at discharge.

High-Quality Care

Your baby will receive innovative, high-touch care that is evidence-based and backed by our tailored High Reliability Organization (HRO) patient-safety initiatives.


Our highly qualified providers are specially focused on pediatric care and continuously seek improvements in their field.

Dedicated Clinicians

With Pediatrix, your provider enjoys a supportive, innovation-minded culture and opportunities for personal and professional advancement.

An Employer of Choice

We attract and retain the most sought-after providers, which means consistent, quality care and service for your baby.

Join the Pediatrix Family

Our nationwide team of almost 8,000 employees includes physicians, advanced practitioners, clinical leaders, and business and operational experts who work together to fulfill our mission to Take great care of the patient, every day and in every way.TM

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