Pediatric Audiology

With compassion and care, our pediatric audiologists specialize in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of hearing loss in children.

Specializing in the evaluation and rehabilitation of pediatric hearing disorders, all Pediatrix audiologists have received specialized training and are dedicated to treating and preventing  hearing loss in children. With a collaborative, team approach, your child’s treatment plan will be specific to their unique medical and hearing needs, and you will have access to multiple providers to ensure continuity of care. We pride ourselves on being experienced, caring and supportive, continuously and frequently informing you about your child’s hearing health.

Audiology Services and Conditions

Our experienced audiologists are caring and supportive, keeping you informed about your child's health and hearing issues at all times. We perform various audiology diagnostic testing, such as:

  • Hearing evaluation
  • Newborn hearing screening
  • Auditory processing disorder (APD) screening
  • Otoacoustic emissions (OAE) testing
  • Tympanometry testing (middle ear evaluation)
  • Audiometry testing

Conditions We Treat:

  • Hearing disorders (e.g., auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder, central auditory processing disorder)
  • Hearing loss (e.g., conductive, sensorineural, mixed)
  • Deafness

We Provide Various Audiology Services and Procedures, Such as:

  • Cochlear implants
  • Cochlear implant mapping
  • Hearing aid evaluation, fitting and repair
  • Bone conduction implant surgery

Audiology Program Benefits

Parents can rest assured knowing our pediatric audiologists provide treatment with compassion, dedication and expertise.

Following are some of the many benefits of care from Pediatrix:

Collaboration Among Care Providers

Our specialists will partner with you and your child’s other providers to ensure your child receives coordinated, personalized care. 

High-Quality Care

All Pediatrix audiologists have obtained Doctorates of Audiology and are committed to continuous improvement and learning. They are dedicated to providing comprehensive evaluations and patient- and family-centered, compassionate care.


Our highly qualified providers are specially focused on the care of children and continuously seek improvements in their field.

A Strong Referral Network

Our national network enables your child to receive audiology care close to home and gives you access to guidance when needed.

Dedicated Clinicians

With Pediatrix, your provider enjoys a supportive, innovation-minded culture and opportunities for personal and professional advancement.

An Employer of Choice

We attract and retain the most sought-after providers, which means consistent, quality care and service for your child.

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