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Designated as one of six regional perinatal tertiary centers for the state of Georgia, our Level III NICU has provided the best care for our tiniest patients and their families for over 40 years. Combining efforts and compassion for providing the best care along with Memorial Health Dwaine & Cynthia Willett Children’s Hospital of Savannah, our neonatal team provides top quality services and is prepared to care for the most critically-ill babies. We also manage a specially-trained neonatal emergency transport team that travels throughout 24 counties in Southeast Georgia and the Low Country of South Carolina.

Family-Centered Care

In our NICU, we strive to provide family-centered care to all our patients. This is an approach to medical care rooted in the belief that the best outcomes are achieved when patients’ family members play an active role in providing emotional, social and developmental support. To provide this level of care, our unit allows unlimited parental presence, encourages parent participation in care and decision-making, kangaroo care and offers breastfeeding support.

In addition, we have a dedicated March of Dimes representative in our unit who provides sibling support and offers parent education seminars and family-support activities. Additional dedicated NICU services include social work, lactation, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, child life specialist and care coordination for discharge planning. We also understand that some families cannot visit as often as they would like, so we have a volunteer program where volunteers snuggle and rock babies to ensure that all infants receive the human touch that is essential for optimal growth and development.

Care of Extremely Low Gestational Age Neonates

We are committed to offering potentially lifesaving treatment to the youngest preterm infants, some as early as 22 weeks' gestation. The decision to provide care to this population of preterm infants differs among NICUs nationwide, with only one in four hospitals providing this care at 22 weeks and one in three hospitals providing care at 23 weeks. Survival at this early gestation is still low and depends highly on coordinated care and intervention before and after delivery. 

Our board-certified neonatologists and neonatal nurse practitioners partner with maternal-fetal specialists to provide optimal care for both mother and baby. Our dedicated and specialized team uses an approach that has been shown to improve outcomes after preterm birth. Once in our NICU, we are able to offer the most advanced ventilation available (including high-frequency jet and oscillation) and care by a dedicated nursing and respiratory therapy staff.

Our approach also includes starting feedings early for the best nutrition. Our commitment to the best nutrition includes offering donor human milk, which can be lifesaving for premature infants. In addition, we use several strategies to prevent infection and brain injury in these vulnerable infants. Parent involvement remains crucial for these babies during their hospital stay. After discharge, our care of these infants continues for those with ongoing medical issues in our NICU Medical Follow-up Clinic.

These combined strategies make us one of the leaders in our region for the care of these tiny, fragile infants.

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