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What to Know About Developmental Delays

Forbes Health

As a parent, it’s normal to wonder if your child is developing at the same rate as others their age. You can rest assured that developmental delays are common and treatable. There are four types: cognitive delays, movement delays, social and emotional delays and communication delays. According to Puji Jonnalagadda, M.D., a developmental-behavioral pediatrician at Pediatrix® Developmental Medicine of San Antonio, an infant or child often has more than one type of delay, although it’s possible to just have one of the four. Therapy options vary depending on the type(s) of delay. If an infant or child has a cognitive delay, Dr. Jonnalagadda said that the first step is considering the child’s environment. “If a child does not have enough stimulation, the first step is to increase the amount of stimulation they are experiencing,” she said. “Its important parents are educated on how to play with their child and stimulate their brains,” said Dr. Jonnalagadda, adding that reading to a child is a great activity to do together.


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