Fetal Heart Institute of Florida by Pediatrix® Cardiology of South Florida

Congenital heart disease is the most common birth defect, occurring in one out of every 100 babies. Of those, some will require medical intervention shortly after birth. To improve care for these babies and their families, we are pleased to offer the Fetal Heart Institute of Florida.

Our fetal-heart program encompasses several family-centered core values, including:

  • Treating our patients and their families with dignity and respect
  • Listening carefully to their health care concerns and answering their questions
  • Communicating clearly and often
  • Spending generous time during outpatient and inpatient visits
  • Genuinely caring about their health and well-being
  • Practicing the latest research-based techniques and treatments
  • Being available when they need us
  • Caring for them as members of our own family

Quality Care for You, Your Baby and Your Family

Learning your unborn baby may have a heart problem is a scary, emotional time — one we do not want you to go through alone. Our team of experienced heart health experts supports expectant families whose developing babies require specialized heart care. We work closely with each family to provide an accurate diagnosis and build a personalized care plan for their baby’s unique needs. Our highly specialized, compassionate team will be with you and your family throughout your journey.

With families like yours in mind, we formed the Fetal Heart Institute of Florida to develop a coalition among fetal cardiologists, high-risk maternal-fetal medicine obstetricians and cardiac surgeons to collaborate on optimizing the best possible care plan for developing babies with congenital heart disease. Early and accurate detection enables our team to begin the process of developing a personalized action plan for your pregnancy and delivery.

We believe the best patient outcomes are achieved through a unified team approach prioritizing quality, communication and innovation. Our cohesive Fetal Heart Institute of Florida offers a platform for families’ unique circumstances, giving them access to an entire team of specialists focused on quality care and emotional support.

Partnering on Your Behalf

We partner with Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, bringing our tiniest patients an unmatched level of fetal heart care. As one of U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Children’s Hospital for Cardiology and Heart Surgery,” Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital has a Level IV neonatal intensive care unit, providing top care to the smallest, most fragile babies.

Additionally, Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital operates within the structure of Memorial Regional Hospital, enabling moms and babies to remain in the same location throughout their stay. This enables mom and dad to bond with their baby shortly after birth while the baby receives quality specialty care. We encourage our patients and their families to meet their physician team and tour the hospital before delivery.

In addition to having access to our fetal cardiologists and neonatologists at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, we work with some of the nation’s top pediatric specialists should your baby require additional specialty care services.

To learn more about our Fetal Heart Institute of Florida or to schedule a consultation, please call us at 954-447-7774 or 561-844-9858.

We look forward to providing a remarkable experience for you and your family.