When I was 21 years old, I watched my oldest niece go through a nephrectomy right before her second birthday. I now know she suffered from Grade 4 and 5 bilateral urinary reflux and had what was likely an obstruction. The day after her surgery, she was running around like nothing had even happened, but her parents were of course still worried. I knew what great care my niece and her parents received from all the doctors and nurses at the hospital, that I too wanted to make sure that I provided that great care one day. Although my niece was more resilient than we gave her credit for, it didn’t stop the rest of us from worrying about her. It’s important to me to really listen to a parent’s concerns and help out in any way I can. Likely by the time they come to see me, they’ve been dealing with and worrying over their child for weeks or months. So, in addition to coming up with an individualized treatment plan, I’m going to talk about sports, fishing, movies, travel, etc. to put everyone’s minds at ease and make them as worry free as possible during their visit.


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