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Water Safety for Kids


As children take to the water during the hot summer months, parents and caregivers should know that certain swim aids can increase the risk of drowning, which is the leading cause of death in kids 1 to 4 years old. Water rings are unsafe for several reasons. “Arm floaties easily slip off or deflate," said Jenelle Ferry, M.D., a neonatologist at Pediatrix® Neonatology of Florida. "If (the floaties) slip down the arm, the child can be stuck with their arms out of the water and face under,” explained Dr. Ferry. Neck floaties are also dangerous. “There are so many reasons to say no to a plastic tube around a small child or infant’s neck,” stressed Dr. Ferry. First, they do not prevent drowning and may increase the likelihood of it, she warned. Dr. Ferry recommended avoiding anything plastic or inflatable near an infant or toddler’s face due to risk of suffocation and to avoid anything around the neck to prevent choking.

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