TeleCardiology provides the specialized care patients need—when they need it.

The Pediatrix national telehealth virtual office delivers the knowledge and expertise of fellowship-trained pediatric cardiologists—virtually.

Videoconference consultations with pediatric cardiologists and other specialists eliminate the need for patients or clinicians to travel long distances for appointments. With remote support, primary care providers can collaborate with experienced pediatric cardiologists and continue caring for patients.

How does it work?

The easy to use, virtual system provides a platform to schedule, visit with a patient, add family members or other clinicians to the videoconference. With a seamless calendar function, the clinician can easily see that a patient has entered an appointment. A patient can arrive in a virtual office and complete an appointment that mimics the flow of an in-office visit.

TeleCardiology Benefits

Our cutting-edge TeleCardiology program removes geographic barriers, providing remote access, through telemedicine to our 100+ pediatric cardiologists, so patients receive the care they need no matter their location.

Easy to use customizable HIPAA-compliant solution.

It provides a safe and effective way for clinicians and staff to continue providing care for patients.

A face-to-face evaluation facilitates care prior to an in-office visit.

The platform is designed to create a more effective virtual clinical visit.

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