Obstetrical ultrasounds

An obstetrical ultrasound provides images of the baby, fluid and placenta. It is generally performed on the outside of the abdomen but, occasionally a vaginal ultrasound will provide better images of the pregnancy. It is a medical exam of your baby that does not use X-rays, but rather soundwaves. No dangerous fetal effects or birth defects have been reported with its use for diagnostic purposes. The ultrasound is performed by a sonographer and/or a physician, and all images are reviewed by the physician.

Common reasons for performing an ultrasound include dating (how many weeks gestation and the due date), evaluating the baby to detect any birth defects, evaluating the placenta, determining the fetal sex and measuring the cervix. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) discourages the use of ultrasound for recreational purposes. However, if possible, we are happy to provide you with images of your little angel.

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