High-risk pregnancy consultations

A pregnancy is considered high risk when there are potential complications that could affect the mother, the baby or both. Specific medical conditions include high-blood pressure, diabetes, lupus and other immune conditions, heart or lung problems or chronic infections. A history of multiple miscarriages, preterm labor, pre-eclampsia and/or genetic disorders are attributes of a high-risk pregnancy.

Complications with the baby that make a pregnancy high risk may include growth problems, birth defects detected on ultrasound, genetic disorders, abnormal fluid around the baby and a pregnancy with more than one baby.

When your primary obstetrician, family practitioner or midwife refers you to Tallahassee Perinatal Consultants for consultation, we work closely with your clinicians to achieve the best possible pregnancy outcomes. If necessary, we may refer you to other specialists who will help with your treatment.

In addition, we offer services such as preconception counseling for individuals or couples at risk for certain genetic disorders, birth defects and miscarriage, or have certain medical conditions and are taking medications that may be harmful to their future developing baby. Testing for various genetic conditions may be discussed, including the risks, benefits and limitations of specific tests.

We also offer diabetes and hypertension management in pregnancy. We encourage patients and their families to work together with us as a team to improve maternal and fetal outcomes.

Our mission is to provide comprehensive and compassionate care in a warm, family-friendly environment. Through communication and support, we hope to relieve the anxiety associated with a high-risk pregnancy and provide comfort and optimism.