You can expect the following sequence of events to occur and be covered during your child’s first visit with one of our physicians:

  • At check-in, several forms will be completed, including HIPAA-related authorizations. Please arrive for your first appointment 15 minutes early to allow ample time to complete these forms. Additionally, please make sure you bring your insurance card and information with you. Insurance cards are copied at every visit. If your insurance company requires a referral, we should have the referral number in our system before your first visit. For your protection, our staff cannot make first-patient appointments until the referral number has been obtained from your primary care physician.
  • The medical assistant will call you and your child back and take height and weight measurements. They will also take a few notes for the physician.
  • The physician will take a complete history and profile of your child’s previous health-related issues. Please ensure that the parent accompanying the child is thoroughly knowledgeable of the child’s history, including medications, previous medical history, shots, etc. Additionally, if your child has had recent lab work, radiology tests or any other type of medical procedure, please ensure we have a copy of the results before your visit. Obtain a copy from your primary care physician and bring them with you if they have not already been faxed to us.
  • A physical exam will be performed, which could include a rectal exam. However, this depends on the nature of the problem that the physician is treating.
  • The physician will give you and your child a treatment plan that could include completion of blood work, radiology tests, etc. No blood work is drawn at our office. However, we do perform urine testing at most of our locations.
  • A letter regarding your treatment plan will be faxed to your primary care physician within three to four business days.
  • Please follow your child’s treatment plan closely. Please call our office immediately if you have any further questions or concerns. In general, it takes about one week to receive test results. If we have not called you within one week, please contact us.