Our services include:

  • Behavioral child neurology & developmental pediatrics.
  • Comprehensive developmental monitoring and collaboration with other pediatric subspecialists to coordinate developmental therapies and other essential services for former preterm infants and those with complex neonatal diagnoses and/or genetic disorders of the brain.
  • Medical monitoring of neurological issues for former preterm infants. This includes neuroimaging studies such as an MRI of the brain, genetic studies, and EEG.

Behavioral child neurology services overview:

  • Comprehensive medical and behavioral assessment of children with delayed development. This would include those with delayed development of language or motor skills as well as those diagnosed with autism or who may have an autistic spectrum disorder.
  • Medical assessment and management of children with autistic spectrum disorders such as autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, disintegrative disorder, as well as genetic disorders that impact behavior.
  • Your child’s medical assessment will include a review of past medical and psychological records, a complete medical history, and a focused neurological examination.
  • The child’s medical evaluation might prompt neuroimaging studies such as an MRI of the brain, genetic studies, and other biochemical studies where applicable.
  • Medical assessment and management will include education for parents and caregivers to enhance their understanding to help their child reach their potential.
  • Medical management might include a recommendation for treatment with medication directed at behavioral issues, attention problems, or seizures.
  • Medical management may include recommending therapeutic services such as early intervention, speech & language therapy, occupational therapy or physical therapy, equipment recommendations and ABA services.