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Sourcing & Procurement Mission Statement

Our mission is to help our doctors, patients, and customers reach their full potential, something that would be impossible without the incredible suppliers who help us realize our own potential. We strive to form long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers who are committed to quality, service, innovation, and constant improvement, and who don’t settle for anything less than the best goods and services in the business.

Supplier Code of Conduct

We set expectations of our suppliers through our Supplier Code of Conduct, which we expect all suppliers to adhere to while conducting business with or on behalf of Pediatrix. We reserve the right to monitor compliance with the code using a reasonable and risk-based approach and framework that is suitable for small and diverse-owned businesses as well as larger businesses with more mature compliance programs.

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Prospective Suppliers

Pediatrix utilizes Oracle as its Sourcing & Procurement home. Contact us to register your company within Oracle. Please note that registration does not guarantee and obligate any award of business.

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