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Frequent Urination in Pregnancy


While normal, the increased urge to urinate during pregnancy can be frustrating to deal with, especially as baby grows. “By the third trimester, the baby’s head can press on the bladder, which elicits the micturition reflex otherwise known as bladder contractions and thus the sensation to urinate,” said Kyle Graham, M.D., a board-certified OBGYN at Obstetrics and Gynecology of San Jose, part of Pediatrix® Medical Group. “Sometimes, the baby’s movement, such as kicks and movement of the arms, can cause the bladder to contract, and thus urination occurs. This can happen without our control sometimes, and we call that incontinence.” To help manage frequent urination in pregnancy, Dr. Graham recommends reducing consumption of drinks that can intensify the need to pee. "Avoiding things with caffeine like energy drinks, sodas, coffee, and tea, can help,” said Dr. Graham.


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