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The Elimination Communication Potty Training Method


Celebrity moms are turning to elimination communication as an early form of potty training for their infants. "Elimination communication essentially relies on reflexes to release bowel or bladder function when naked," said Jenelle Ferry, M.D., a neonatologist and director of feeding, nutrition and infant development at Pediatrix® Neonatology of Florida. "This is different than potty training, where a child can recognize the signals of needing to use the bathroom and chooses the appropriate time to coordinate sphincter release." When considering elimination communication, parents should have reasonable expectations. "It’s important to realize that elimination communication for infants does not result in bowel and bladder control during infancy," explained Dr. Ferry. "Trying to achieve complete potty training too early may increase symptoms of dysfunctional voiding with incomplete or delayed bladder emptying. This can also lead to issues with constipation and incomplete bowel emptying."


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