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New Preeclampsia Test


A new blood test can test for signs of preeclampsia, a serious blood pressure condition, in the early weeks of pregnancy. “This screening test works by assessing the risk of preeclampsia prior to 34 weeks of gestation by evaluating four biomarkers associated with [the] risk of this condition,” said Anushka Chelliah, M.D., a board-certified maternal-fetal medicine specialist and medical director at Obstetrix® Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialists of Houston, part of Pediatrix® Medical Group. The test can be used for any pregnant individual to assess their risk of preeclampsia in early pregnancy, said Dr. Chelliah. “It may be better suited for certain patients based on their past medical or obstetric history, and patients should discuss with their obstetrician or health care providers whether this test is a good option for them.”

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