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Managing Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy

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Hemorrhoids are among the many common aches and pains of pregnancy. “This is because of increased blood flow to the pelvic area and pressure from the enlarging uterus,” said Jill Hechtman, M.D., an OBGYN at OB Hospitalists of Florida, part of Pediatrix® Medical Group. “This increases the blood flow and causes swelling to the veins that run through the anus.” One popular and effective way of treating hemorrhoids is to use a ring pillow when sitting, which are round pillows with a hole in the middle. “Ring pillows help relieve the pressure and can aid in some of the discomfort,” explained Dr. Hechtman. She also recommends using witch hazel pads, warm sitz baths and Preparation H to soothe your hemorrhoids. “These are safe during pregnancy,” assured Dr. Hechtman.