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Baby Sleep Regressions


Infant sleep regressions are often associated with major developmental milestones. While they can be disruptive for both the child and parents, sleep regressions are typically temporary. “Sleep regression can be disturbing for parents, especially when you've finally gotten to the milestone of the whole household getting a full night of sleep. Although it is distressing, rest assured that sleep regressions are unfortunately both normal and common,” said Jenelle Ferry, M.D., a neonatologist and director of feeding, nutrition and infant development at Pediatrix® Neonatology of Florida. To help manage, Dr. Ferry recommends continuing to adhere to a normal schedule as best as possible. “As parents, getting a disruption in our own sleep can make it even harder to cope with regression. It's important to stick with the bedtime routine and habits that were previously successful in creating good sleep habits for your baby,” said Dr. Ferry.


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