Ce Durfee has been serving birthing families since 2009. They believe that the way people experience their pregnancies can have a profound impact on both individuals and their families. Ce strives to provide compassionate, patient-centered, evidence-based care in which people feel seen, heard, and cared for throughout their experience. Working in a collaborative Physician-NP team-based Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialty Practice allows Ce to bring the midwifery model of care to families who often risk out of it while maintaining the high level of care patients and their babies may require along their journey.

As a transplant from New York, Ce enjoys spending time exploring the lands of the Coast Salish people with their family, including their spouse and two children. They also like to tend to theirhome garden and multitude of houseplants. They have an interest in the arts and the wide variety of opportunities to explore them in the PNW.


In-person appointments are not available with all clinicians at every location.

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