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Family Shares Daughter’s Congenital Heart Defect Story


A Texas family is sharing the story of their daughter’s congenital heart defect in hopes of encouraging other families in similar situations. Jennifer Johnson, DO, pediatric cardiologist at Pediatrix® Cardiology of San Antonio, diagnosed Eleanor with transposition of the great arteries, or TGA, a birth defect of the heart in which the two main arteries are abnormally positioned. “Congenital heart disease is actually 1% to 2% of all pregnancies,” said Dr. Johnson. Now six months old, Eleanor is doing well and meeting all her milestones. “For other families, if they see themselves in a situation like this, everything in life is just a season. And, you know, it may not be the best and most exciting season of your life, but you can come out of it. And there’s joy,” said mom Sara Young.


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