Patient Safety

Ensuring High-Quality Care that Puts Patients First

It's estimated that medical errors are the leading cause of patient deaths in the United States after cancer and heart disease. Women in the United States are more likely to die from childbirth- or pregnancy-related causes than women from any other industrialized nation — and 60% of those deaths are considered preventable.

Pediatrix is working to change that. Our program builds on our legacy of improving quality and outcomes for women and infants.

We focus on several areas, including:

Program Benefits

We're working to create and maintain a culture of safety by empowering clinical leaders to make the changes necessary to provide highly reliable, safe and consistent care to our patients and their families.

Our program provides several benefits, including:

A customized, targeted approach to culture change

Safety Climate Surveys provide an AHRQ-based tool to assess culture and safety practices. Underperforming areas are targeted for improvement.

Optimized patient care

High-reliability theories are incorporated into practice at the foundational level. Standardized processes are hardwired into systems and workflow to reduce error.

High-quality, patient-centered care

Patients receive high-tech, high-touch care that is consistent and evidence-based and are encouraged to be active participants in their care.

Ongoing quality improvement and education

Clinician accountability leads to consistent, quality care. Ongoing education keeps skills sharp. Non-punitive reporting helps identify opportunities for improvement.

Teamwork and collegiality

A collaborative work environment fosters transparent communication throughout the organization. Clinicians are highly engaged in patient safety initiatives.

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