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COVID-19: Can Teens Get the Vaccine?

When it comes to the COVID-19 vaccine and children, parents understandably have many questions. And while all of them can’t be fully answered just yet, expert insight offers a look at what they can expect. Dr. Zachary Hoy, Pediatrix-affiliated pediatric infectious disease specialist at Nashville Pediatric Infectious Disease in Tennessee, shares insight on whether teens can get the vaccine. “The Pfizer vaccine was tested in people 16 years and older and received authorization for use in this age group. The Moderna vaccine received authorization for use in ages 18 years and older,” said Dr. Hoy. As vaccine information continues to change, the goal is to make the shot available to all teens as soon as possible. “Pfizer and Moderna have trials at that are ongoing to enroll children ages 12 years and up to see how they respond to vaccination. As data comes in, the CDC will likely re-evaluate age ranges for the vaccination, but currently these are in clinical trials and not recommended at this time for those below 16 years of age (Pfizer) or 18 years of age (Moderna),” he said.

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