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Pediatric Surgery Cures Rare Gastrointestinal Condition

Houston Chronicle

Since birth, 6-year-old Brinlee McKee suffered from unexplained chronic gastrointestinal issues. Last December, she experienced a sudden onset of severe stomach pain. At The Woman’s Hospital of Texas, she met Sara Fallon, M.D., pediatric surgeon at Pediatrix® Surgery of Houston. Brinlee urgently required an operation, which revealed that she had a rare internal hernia. “That’s why she was very sick,” said Dr. Fallon. “The blood supply was becoming compromised.” A second operation, during which a small area of her intestine was removed, provided the cure Brinlee’s family had long hoped for. “When we came back, she had time for her intestines to recover, and they looked great,” said Dr. Fallon. “Her blood supply was fantastic.”  

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