Telehealth Appointments

Our practice is pleased to offer telehealth services, which applies technology to enhance the patient/provider relationship when it makes sense to help you and your families.

Telehealth does not replace all in-person visits, but it can be used for appointments such as:

  • Initial consultations (to get to know you and your family's history and needs) 
  • Certain follow-up appointments (such as discussing results)
  • Determining when an in-person visit is required

This easy-to-use, HIPAA-protected technology lets you connect with your doctor without having to leave your home, take time off of work or get behind the wheel. A virtual appointment works much like an in-office visit, where you will be greeted by our staff through a video conference to check-in and go through your vitals, then meet face-to-face with your physician or other provider.

You just need a computer or smart phone and an email address or phone number where we can send the appointment link to join. If you have questions, we have demos available to help you become more familiar with how it works, and our friendly staff is always at your service to answer questions.