SoundGene Screening Panel

Screening Panel for Most Common Causes of Hearing Loss

SoundGene Screening Panel Screening Panel for Most Common Causes of Hearing Loss
Children rely heavily on their sense of hearing, especially during the first few years of life.  They learn to talk and develop social, emotional, and academic skills by listening, so the earliest possible detection of hearing loss is to their benefit.  When hearing loss is detected early in life, children stand a much better chance of reaching behavioral and academic milestones on time. Pediatrix Medical Group's hearing screen program  encourages screening every newborn for hearing loss before he or she is discharged from the hospital. 

One of the most common birth defects is hearing loss or deafness, which affects as many as three out of every 1,000 babies born. When a parent learns of his or her child's diagnosis of hearing loss, a common question is: "Why?"

To help answer the question, Pediatrix Medical Group developed SoundGene, a screening panel that identifies the most common causes of hearing loss. Approximately 50% of profound hearing loss cases are attributed to genetic causes and the remainder to environmental factors. SoundGene is a quick and cost-effective alternative to other sometimes costly and time consuming methods.    

Determining the cause of hearing loss or identifying a child at risk, helps direct medical management and care for your newborn or child. The most critical years of speech and language development are from birth to three years of age. Early detection of hearing loss will allow your physician to provide timely intervention and enable you to obtain the special attention your child will need for language, social, emotional and academic development.

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