Out-of-town and second opinion services

We are pleased to provide second-opinion services and consultations for patients locally or outside of the central Florida area that require the expertise of a pediatric otolaryngologist. Please be sure to alert our scheduling staff of your request so we may schedule an appropriate length of time for your appointment.

Our consultation will be more comprehensive if we are provided with records from your child’s primary-care providers and specialists, preferably prior to your visit. A release of medical information will be required by each facility from which records are requested. Our office staff can facilitate this process, which can often take several weeks.

We may request copies of the following:

  • Six months of recent primary-care visits.
  • Surgical/operative reports.
  • Hospital discharge summaries pertaining to the condition being evaluated.
  • Recent X-rays, CT scans and MRI images (please bring the films).
  • Audiograms or other hearing test reports.